Monday, December 28, 2009

Fakta GST

Negara Cukai Syt Cukai Max GST
Indonesia 30 30 10
Cambodia 20 20 10
Laos 35 40 10
Phillipine 35 32 12
Thailand 30 37 10
Vietnam 28 35 10
Singapore 17 20 7
Malaysia 25 26 Tiada (Mungkin 4% pertengahan tahun 2011)
Brunei 30 0 Tiada
Myanmar 30 30 Tiada

Ini perbandingan Cukai syt, individu dan GST dikalangan negara2 Asia Tenggara.
Malaysia ke 3 terendah dlm cukai syt dan ke 4 utk cukai individu terendah. Cuma Brunei yg tidak mengenakan sebarang cukai individu.

Manakala bagi GST, kebanyakkan negara di Asia Tenggara telah menjalankan GST kecuali Msia antara 3 negara yg belum. Manakala kadar 4% GST yg dicadangkan adalah yg terendah.

Apakah cukai GST ini bakal menaikkan inflasi? sama2 kita tunggu

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

N95 dan face mask

Bila sebut N95 tentu ramai terus teringat kpd jenama Nokia. Tetapi apa yg akan dibincangkan disini bukan sama sekali berkaitan telefon. Tidak. N95 disini adalah berkaitan masks/topeng muka seperti gambar ini.

Ramai percaya bhw mask N95 termasuk surgical mask ini mampu melindungi mereka dari selsema babi(H1N1). Sebenarnya tujuan utama surgical/face mask adalah menghalang kuman dari pemakai tersebar kpd org lain. Apabila pemakai "mask" ini bersin, batuk, bercakap cecair dan kuman(germs) mereka akan terperangkap di mask tersebut. Face mask ini tidak mampu menghalang partikel kecil kurang dari 0.3µ dari menembusinya dimana virus H1N1 adalah sekecil 0.1µ. Jadi pemahaman bhw surgical/face mask mampu menghalang kuman H1N1 dari menjangkiti pemakai adalah salah.

Lebih utama dlm mencegah penularan H1N1 ini adalah;

1. Membersihkan tangan dgn sabun atau antibacterial hand gel selepas memegang sst di tempat awam spt tombol pintu, lif, rel tangga, kaunter dan lain-lain.

2. Amalan menjauhkan tangan menyentuh muka terutama hidung sebelum membersihkan tangan.

3. Berkumur sekurang2nya dua kali sehari dgn air garam suam atau dgn pencuci mulut spt listerine.

4. Mencuci rongga hidung dgn kapas yg di celup dlm air garam suam sekurang2nya sekali sehari.

5. Menjauhi tempat keramaian.

Mohon maaf sempena Ramadhan

Sempena bulan puasa yg bakal menjelang beberapa hari lagi saya ingin memohon maaf jika ada kesalahan saya samada yang secara sedar mahupun tidak kepada kalian semua. Minta halalkan semuanya. Saya juga dgn ini memaafkan kalian dan menghalalkan semuanya.

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan dan selamat berpuasa kepada semua. Semoga ibadah puasa kita pada tahun ini diberkati dan diterima oleh Allah S.W.T. Amin.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sesuatu yg patut difikirkan oleh orang Melayu

Posting ini saya ambil dari blog ustaz ridhuantee, satu komen oleh ron. Percakaran antara org melayu di Malaysia makin membarah dan mungkinkah satu hari nanti Melayu akan merempat di tanahair sendiri seperti yg berlaku di Singapura? Marilah kita renungkan bagaimana Melayu dipinggirkan secara halus oleh satu bangsa yg berkuasa di Singapura.

I was born a Malay in Singapore used to be called a kiasu by Malaysians but not now since I am now already a Malaysian by virtue of my late father rights being born in Johor. In 1969 when all my Chinese and Indian school friends were compulsory called up to serve the army National Service I was left behind just because I was a Malay. Under PAP Government , they put up a law that all able bodied Singaporean irrespective of race and religion need to serve the Army for 2 years when they reach 17 years. Co incidentally at that time , the PAP Government did not trust the Malays reasons best known to them and 95% of the Singaporean Malay Muslim boys of my age group of 17 years old during the year from 1969 up to 1990 were totally discriminated and was not called up to serve the Army . As a result majority of these young teenage boys after their GCE armed only with Secondary 4 level were in total darkness. Worst still they cannot even further their studies thinking that by going into college or Pre-U, they can by law be interrupted anytime and called up without notice.

What pity them was that the PAP Government did not make this secret policy of discrimination public on the non-intake of the Malays therefore all poor boys like me had to wait patiently as to the day when they will be called up which none was called until this day. When you enquire at the Army MINDEF, they said you have to wait and you will get the same answer everytime you enquire. But everytime a new intake is enlisted every 3 months, you can only see all Chinese , Indian, Bhai Singh , Eurasian faces onboard the 3 tonne Army truck taken to various Army camps allover Singapore . But where are the Malays? A very good question indeed...They were isolated and being discriminated to the highest order...

I was the few lucky ones that after 5 years of waiting with no apparent answer on the call up and jobs was difficult to get , everytime you ask for jobs they will ask if you had completed the Army and if you dont no employers will take you in. So Malay boys end up doing menial jobs, labourers, factory workers and the low paid jobs.
The lucky ones who know how to think end up taking private correspondences courses and part time studies. I was one of them and
came up in life , really hard survival even though I was being deprived and total discrimnated.

In short what I am trying to potray is : Melayu Boleh Merempat Di Bumi Melayu , NASIB MELAYU DI BUMI MELAYU andai kata DAP yang ideology sama dengan PAP di takdir kan berkuasa, ini pasti akan terjadi , yang kalau Melayu tak bersatu, the Malays can end up like what I have written above .

Dont think if DAP in power the Malays can have position, make no mistake, learn from Singapore history , the Malays supported PAP to be in power you name it Geylang , Pasir Panjang, Bedok , Changi and many Malay majority areas all supported the PAP. They turned down UMNO through Perikatan and lost heavily and suddenly when they are in power you know what happen ?

The only Malay Minister in the cabinet at that time was Encik Othman Wok but he was only given to run the non important post of Social Affairs Minister ! The rest of the
important posts went to Chinese and Indians and even Eurasians.

Kenyataan ini disokong oleh laporan ini.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

H1N1 menggila

Nak pergi mana pun takut. Pergi shopping? oh tidak, tengok wayang? oh tidakkk, makan dekat restoran? ragu-ragu, pergi kerja? terpaksa. Hihihi

Tapi ade org yg lebih takut B1N1 dari H1N1...hihihi

aku? B1N1 yg tak takut aku...mueheheh

Friday, July 31, 2009

I cry for Malaysia too

3. I admit that ever since I became Minister of Education in 1974, through my period as Deputy Prime Minister and then 22 years as Prime Minister I committed a lot of mistakes. I would not be human if I did not.

4. I am sure my critics also made mistakes in their lifetime. The only difference is that their mistakes affected only themselves. But if they get the chance to be PM maybe they will make the same mistakes I made. And we all will suffer.

5. Now we are seeing the former opposition parties forming Governments in several States. They were before very critical of Government mistakes. Now they seem to be making mistakes too.

6. Malaysians will have a tough time in the next general election. They may not like Barisan Nasional which for 50 years have been throwing tens of thousands into detention under the Internal Security Act, wasting public money building towers, airports, ports, highways etc, muzzling the Press etc etc. But they will find the so-called alternative coalition not much better.

7. Really Malaysia is a most unfortunate country. It has experienced misrule ever since independence. And it looks like it will continue to be misruled whether the incumbent or the opposition wins.

8. Maybe independence was a mistake also. How much better we would be under British rule. No one would be detained under the ISA. Everyone, Communists included, would be able ot speak their minds and contest in elections. Someone should be blamed for making the mistake of fighting for independence.

9. Cry my beloved country.

After reading all your deepest word, I feel like Malaysia has come to the end. We have come to a blaming culture and nation with a blaming culture can't perform at a highest level, because its people can't take reasonable risks. When nation and its people live by a culture of seeking scapegoats, the consequences can be disastrous. No one particularly national leaders wants to make unpopular, controversial and risky decisions afraid of being blame. But as you said, human make mistakes and nobody's perfect. I must say this to you "Tun M, kesilapan yg Tun lakukan terlalu sedikit dibandingkan kejayaan Tun membawa Malaysia ke satu tahap yg lebih baik. Tiada huru-hara besar semasa pemerintahan Tun dan Malaysia membangun dgn rancak. Dahulu saya mampu tidur lena kerana keamanan dan kesejahteraan yg nyata bukan sekadar retorik slogan. Saya bersyukur kpd Allah utk itu dan terima kasih Tun."

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cempedak goreng

Seringgit 3 ulas kecik2. Mahalnya kate aku kpd penjual.
Ni cempedak di dalam pagar, mahal sikit kate penjual.